Day Care and Pre-School

Our Transitional Preschool program is another factor that sets us apart from most daycares or preschools. We do not believe in holding kids back academically just because they are not potty trained by a certain age. In this classroom, potty training occurs on an as-ready basis: we don’t push the potty if a child is not ready, but peer modeling and natural curiosities act as natural agents, assisting with the biggest goal in this Jordan Alexander classroom.

Formal large-group-gathering times are introduced in this classroom which requires concerted attention and the development of self-regulation to attend and participate as “preschool cognitive concepts” are introduced.

Social & Emotional Development

  • Creating an awareness of cause-and-effect relationships with fun activities, as well as the opportunity to exercise personal, simple choices
  • Incorporating activities with time constraints, to help with self-regulation skills
  • Building relationships that build on each child’s innate skills and abilities

Cognitive Development (Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies)

  • Constructing experiences that provide for comparison, such as size and color, and guessing games that use concepts numbers
  • Introducing kids to the idea of “listening to learn”
  • Providing opportunities that help determine where a child is in his/her personal development, and tailor curriculum to address strengths and areas that need improvement

Development of Creativity

  • Inciting a child’s curiosity, stimulating excitement and a desire to participate and have their voice be heard
  • Allowing children to imitate the world as they see it in regards to classroom exploration with opportunities for spontaneous play to emerge and evolve
  • Providing opportunities for self-expression so children can undertake activities with enthusiasm and determination

Physical Health & Development

  • Integrating fine motor skills throughout the day within play, creative,
  • Encouraging whole body play to stimulate the senses with impromptu, planned, and child-driven/directed activities
  • Providing opportunities that relate to healthy-body practices, such as those associated with physical activity choices, mental activity choices, and food/eating choices

A Few Highlights


Jordan Alexander’s features 12 colorful classrooms with large windows allow natural light and expose children to the ever-changing skies and seasons of nature


Every classroom at Jordan Alexanders is fully-stocked with its own age-appropriate supplies, toys, books and games for our children to enjoy.

On-Site Kitchen

Jordan Alexanders features a dedicated kitchen and a chef to prepare breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack every day.

Daycare Features

At Jordan Alexander’s we are committed to our kids and their families, and we change the world, one child at a time! We’re not a chain. We are not run by a corporation. Parents in our community have been entrusting us with the care of their children for nearly two decades.

Healthy Meals

We believe healthy food is essential for growth, health and learning. We have a dedicated kitchen and a chef to prepare breakfast, Lunch

6 Weeks & Older

We care for children from six weeks and older. Our programs include infant care, toddler classes, potty training, preschool, Pre-K

Drop-Ins Welcome

Drop-ins welcome. We invite prospective parents to visit us unannounced; to see us in action anytime between 8AM and

Its Different Here

Jordan Alexander’s is a privately owned and operated day care and preschool caring for children in the Littleton & Ken Caryl area since 1995. We are not

Meet Our Teachers

Learn more about Jordan Alexander’s Daycare and Preschools Teachers and Staff members.