At Jordan Alexander’s preschool and daycare, we have three toddler programs:

  • Toddler I: 12-18 months, 1 to 5 teacher to child ratio
  • Toddler II: 18-24 months, 1 to 5 teacher to child ratio
  • Eager Engineers: 24-30 months, 1 to 7 teacher to child ratio

Toddlers are filled with unparalleled curiosity. They are constantly on the move, and they’re quick to laugh and sometimes quick to cry. That’s why our toddler teachers put a strong emphasis on smiles, hugs, praise, laughter and positive play.

It’s quite common to see our teachers sitting on the floor and engaging their kids in pure, simple play. This type of teaching provides opportunities for children to choose fun activities and interact with peers as they are comfortable. First and foremost, our toddler classes revolve around the social-emotional aspects specific to toddlers. Toddlers need to feel emotionally safe in their environment, which includes the ability to build strong attachments to their caregivers in order to explore the world that surrounds them.

Our toddler classes are designed to grow along with your child, building on past experiences and new opportunities for growth. We break our Toddler classes into three groups based on age.

Toddler Curriculum Focus

Social and Emotional Development

  • Responding to children’s needs individually while also integrating whole-group, communal care and consideration for others
  • Allowing children to demonstrate age/stage appropriate behaviors within a safe environment
  • Working with children to help them develop conflict mediation skills
  • Providing downtime for children to regroup on an as-needed basis

Language Development and Communication

  • Integrating basic sign language to allow children the opportunity to integrate left and right brain operating patterns
  • Assisting children in building a useful vocabulary by giving words for them to employ or respond to with gestures and non-verbal cues
  • Recognizing words as well as verbalizations; modeling successful communication patterns

Physical Health and Development

  • Arranging the classroom to provide opportunities for constant movement encouraging growth and mastery of large motor skills
  • Offering activities that require the use of fine motor skills and focused attention.
  • Providing chunks of time to play outdoors or in the gym


  • Fostering curiosity, offering experiences relating to cause and effect
  • Recognizing the individuality of each child to allow for the manipulation of objects, as each child deems appropriate

A Few Highlights


Jordan Alexander’s features 12 colorful classrooms with large windows allow natural light and expose children to the ever-changing skies and seasons of nature


Every classroom at Jordan Alexanders is fully-stocked with its own age-appropriate supplies, toys, books and games for our children to enjoy.

On-Site Kitchen

Jordan Alexanders features a dedicated kitchen and a chef to prepare breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack every day.

Daycare Features

At Jordan Alexander’s we are committed to our kids and their families, and we change the world, one child at a time! We’re not a chain. We are not run by a corporation. Parents in our community have been entrusting us with the care of their children for nearly two decades.

Healthy Meals

We believe healthy food is essential for growth, health and learning. We have a dedicated kitchen and a chef to prepare breakfast, Lunch

6 Weeks & Older

We care for children from six weeks and older. Our programs include infant care, toddler classes, potty training, preschool, Pre-K

Drop-Ins Welcome

Drop-ins welcome. We invite prospective parents to visit us unannounced; to see us in action anytime between 8AM and

Its Different Here

Jordan Alexander’s is a privately owned and operated day care and preschool caring for children in the Littleton & Ken Caryl area since 1995. We are not

Meet Our Teachers

Learn more about Jordan Alexander’s Daycare and Preschools Teachers and Staff members.