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Ms. Haley

Hello. My name is Ms. Haley and I have been part of the Jordan Alexander family since 2005. Teaching our transitional preschoolers, or “Clever Cruisers” as we affectionately call them is both a challenge and delight! They’re at the age and stage that often frustrates parents, but for me it’s an exciting phase in which I get to witness massive developmental changes that occur not just as a child becomes potty-trained, but cognitively, as well. Many parents call me “The Potty-Training Guru”! In my classroom, I believe that children need love and challenges. I am insistent on addressing consequences for actions, such as praise for positive behaviors, or redirection and removal for not-so-positive behaviors. The consistency I provide assists with their potty-training task. Knowing exactly what to expect provides a sense of security and allows them to thrive.