Your children’s health and safety are of the utmost priority for us at Jordan Alexander’s. For nearly two decades, we’ve been keeping generations of kids safe and secure. We review and update our health and safety policies on a regular basis. Below is a list of some of the precautions we take ensuring the health and security of your kids: For a complete list of health and safety policies, click here to download our Parents’ Handbook

Emergencies and Security


  • Evacuation routes, as well as Emergency Procedures, are reviewed and practiced regularly
  • Every classroom has an emergency exit
  • The building is secured by an advanced coded security system. No one can enter the facility without a code
  • Only parents or guardians on record are allowed to pick-up a child
  • Every child must be signed in and out by the authorized adult on record

Emergency & Evacuation Procedures

  • Evacuation routes, as well as Emergency Procedures, are reviewed and practiced regularly. Each classroom has an information sheet posted near each exit to guide actions and behavior during drills and in the event of emergencies.
  • During an emergency situation, every child will be kept at the center until picked up by the parent or an authorized adult. The center will keep appraised of the situation by radio, television, Internet, or other means from within the center. We will use discretion in determining the need to contact families to relay information/direction via the numbers provided on your child’s Emergency Card. Should the need to contact parents in the event of an emergency arise, your quick action and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Emergency Cards

  • Many of our policies revolve around the telephone numbers and persons listed on each child’s Emergency Card.
  • Children’s cards must be filled out thoroughly and accurately, and updated immediately if contact information is changed


Avoiding and mitigating injuries are a top priority, and our staff makes every effort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our kids. Unfortunately, as all parents know, minor accidents can occur.

  • If a minor or non-serious injury such as a cut or scrape occurs one of Jordan Alexander’s teachers or staff will administer comfort and minor medical care such as Band-Aids, ice, etc.
  • If a minor or non-serious injury occurs, parents/legal guardians will receive a carbon copy report of the accident/injury, which we require parents/guardians to sign, leaving a copy with your child’s teacher, and taking a copy home for your records. Occasionally, we may reach out with a phone call to inform you of a minor injury that occurred during your child’s school day.
  • 911 will be called for any medical injury that threatens life or limb and parents will be immediately notified. If an ambulance is required, a staff member will accompany your child to a hospital deemed most suitable to the child’s needs.


  • Children who exhibit symptoms of illness at school must get picked-up by an authorized parent or guardian within 60 minutes of being notified
  • Children who are sent home due to illness are not allowed to return to the school the next day
  • Children who have been sick must wait 24 hours after the symptoms of illness are gone
  • Children who have had a high fever or a rash can return only with a doctor’s note of clearance
  • All families and the health department are immediately notified if children have been exposed to any communicable disease

Medication Administration

  • We will administer medicine with a doctor’s note with detailed instructions
  • For kids with specific health needs, we require a health treatment plan filled out by a physician

A Few Highlights


Jordan Alexander’s features 9 colorful classrooms with large windows allow natural light and expose children to the ever-changing skies and seasons of nature


Every classroom at Jordan Alexanders is fully-stocked with its own age-appropriate supplies, toys, books and games for our children to enjoy.

On-Site Kitchen

Jordan Alexanders features a dedicated kitchen and a chef to prepare breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack every day.

Daycare Features

At Jordan Alexander’s we are committed to our kids and their families, and we change the world, one child at a time! We’re not a chain. We are not run by a corporation. Parents in our community have been entrusting us with the care of their children for nearly two decades.

Healthy Meals

We believe healthy food is essential for growth, health and learning. We have a dedicated kitchen and a chef to prepare breakfast, Lunch

6 Weeks & Older

We care for children from six weeks and older. Our programs include infant care, toddler classes, potty training, preschool, Pre-K

Drop-Ins Welcome

Drop-ins welcome. We invite prospective parents to visit us unannounced; to see us in action anytime between 8AM and

Its Different Here

Jordan Alexander’s is a privately owned and operated day care and preschool caring for children in the Littleton & Ken Caryl area since 1995. We are not

Meet Our Teachers

Learn more about Jordan Alexander’s Daycare and Preschools Teachers and Staff members.