Program Information

Classes and Curriculum

Aside from the Infant Room, each classroom at Jordan Alexander’s uses curriculum-planning templates adapted from the Colorado Department of Education’s Building Blocks curriculum model.

There are eight domains of learning that classrooms address on a daily basis. Weekly themes that are seasonally appropriate incite and inspire a teacher’s creativity during the planning and preparation phases of curriculum development.

Jordan Alexander’s allows teachers to individualize curriculum rather than handing over curriculum developed by a corporate office. Teachers are vested in their classrooms, and accept the responsibility that is extended with good-faith practices that incorporate self-reflection.

The individualized curriculum our teachers institute is based on the abilities and needs of the children in their classroom. Using their knowledge of broad-based child development, in conjunction with knowledge of each individual child to determine what activities and experiences children should be exposed to.



The programs at Jordan Alexander’s are designed to provide the highest-quality daycare and early education for your children. From the building’s design for optimal safety, play, learning and growth, to our curriculum that weaves artistic and practical disciplines into everyday academics. From day one, children in our programs embark on a path that sets them up for success through kindergarten and well beyond.

Infant Care

Jordan Alexander’s Preschool provides nursery care for infants ages six weeks and older. We plan classroom graduations based not only on a child’s age, but also on each child’s individual developmental abilities. Once children are over 12 months old and walking independently, they are graduated to our toddler classrooms.

Toddler Classes

There are three toddler classrooms that are separated by six-month increments. This allows the children to progress at their own pace and reach developmental milestones with the same-aged children in the classroom.

Potty Training

We offer potty training in our transitional preschool classroom when a child reaches two and one-half years; however, we may opt to forego the transitional preschool classroom, transitioning your child to our first preschool classroom if potty training has been mastered and there is no need to focus on potty training skills. We consider a child to be potty trained when there is no bathroom-related accident in a two week period, when a child recognizes the need to use the bathroom facilities and does so independently, and when the only bathroom reminder is for the good of the whole class, such as before major transitions.


At two and one-half years (and potty trained), we offer preschool in three different classrooms that focus on building skills in a continuum-based manner. A child will be enrolled in a preschool classroom according to the year he/she will start kindergarten in Colorado. Our Friendly Fish classroom is our youngest preschool classroom, followed by the Jungle Jammers, and finally the T-Rex classroom, which is a pre-kindergarten classroom.


Pre-Kindergarten or Junior Kindergarten is an option for families who seek the introduction and mastery of kindergarten skills in a small ratio environment, where individualized student attention is given freely and care is provided during the center’s hours of operation.


Private Kindergarten

Families with children born in the summer months just prior to the school district’s enrollment cutoff date (October 1st of any given year) often benefit from pursuing kindergarten at Jordan Alexander’s Preschool due to our program’s individualized, child-centered focus. Kindergarten at Jordan Alexander’s may also be an option for families with children who have just missed the school district’s enrollment cutoff date as we often see advanced cognitive and social-emotional skills that further mature without detracting from the elementary level skills presented in the kindergarten classroom. In addition, if you have another child attending Jordan Alexander’s Preschool, the convenience of one drop-off and pick-up may appeal to you.

Kindergarten at Jordan Alexander’s Preschool is a viable option for exceptional learners who will thrive academically due to the differentiated learning techniques employed in the classroom, for children who exhibit behavior challenges as he/she will acquiesce to our kindergarten’s strong classroom structure and rule reinforcement while children who exhibit kinesthetic learning tendencies will have hands-on activities planned and implemented, tailoring this common but underrepresented learning style to each child and the subject matter that the class will explore.

A Few Highlights


Jordan Alexander’s features 12 colorful classrooms with large windows allow natural light and expose children to the ever-changing skies and seasons of nature


Every classroom at Jordan Alexanders is fully-stocked with its own age-appropriate supplies, toys, books and games for our children to enjoy.

On-Site Kitchen

Jordan Alexanders features a dedicated kitchen and a chef to prepare breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack every day.

Daycare Features

At Jordan Alexander’s we are committed to our kids and their families, and we change the world, one child at a time! We’re not a chain. We are not run by a corporation. Parents in our community have been entrusting us with the care of their children for nearly two decades.

Healthy Meals

We believe healthy food is essential for growth, health and learning. We have a dedicated kitchen and a chef to prepare breakfast, Lunch

6 Weeks & Older

We care for children from six weeks and older. Our programs include infant care, toddler classes, potty training, preschool, Pre-K

Drop-Ins Welcome

Drop-ins welcome. We invite prospective parents to visit us unannounced; to see us in action anytime between 8AM and

Its Different Here

Jordan Alexander’s is a privately owned and operated day care and preschool caring for children in the Littleton & Ken Caryl area since 1995. We are not

Meet Our Teachers

Learn more about Jordan Alexander’s Daycare and Preschools Teachers and Staff members.