We welcome your family to Jordan Alexander’s Preschool Academy. Our school is designed to meet the needs of childcare in your area and to provide a quality program for all children, regardless of race, nationality, or any other basis. As a partner in the care of your child, we are always interested in your comments and concerns. Most of the policies governing the school are listed below for quick reference. A full-version can be downloaded here.

Policies & Procedures Programs



We will honor a vacation/illness absence if your child does not attend any portion of the tuition week. A tuition week is defined as Monday through Friday. If your child is absent for an entire tuition week, an amount equal to 50% of regular tuition will be due. Each family is eligible for one vacation week of their choice after a child has been enrolled and attending Jordan Alexander’s Preschool for six weeks. Each family is allowed only one half-rate vacation week each school year; a school year is defined as the first Monday in September through the last Friday in August. No credit will be given for partial week attendance.

Jordan Alexander’s winter holiday break will be charged to you at the vacation rate of 50% of the normal tuition.

Admission Procedures

For your child’s safety and to comply with state regulation, all enrollment papers must be completed and on file in the school no later than the day your child begins attending Jordan Alexander’s Preschool. Within 30 days of starting, a child must have his/her medical and immunization form completed and signed by your physician.

To reserve your enrollment space we require you to place a deposit for your enrollment fee and either the first two weeks of tuition for toddlers and preschoolers, or the first four weeks of tuition for our infant and Junior Kindergarten programs. Your deposit will be applied toward your tuition that will become due on your agreed start date. Should you choose to change your start date to a later date, your tuition will be forfeited because we deny enrollment to other students based on your enrollment date. Should you choose not to enroll, your deposit is non-refundable.


Each day, you are responsible for checking you child in and out of our care using the unique five-digit code that corresponds with our computer program, DayCare2000. State regulations mandate that you sign your child in and out of our care on a daily basis. Although Jordan Alexander’s teachers also keep a daily attendance record in the classroom, we insist that you utilize the computer system provided.

Child Pick-up

Only the parent/guardian on record will be allowed to pick up a child. Prior arrangements with the center must be made if a child is to be picked up by someone not authorized in your child’s permanent file. Permission forms are available on the front counter and are titled “Special Release”.

In an emergency situation, a child may be picked up by someone else if we receive notification in advance. This person must identify himself or herself with government issued photo identification.

Each child must be signed in or out by the adult who is dropping off or picking up to/from Jordan Alexander’s Preschool.

Should you feel that a panic code is warranted for you/your child’s safety, we will discuss our possible interventions and actions, assigning a code to your family.

Pick-up past 6:15 will result in a late charge of $1.00 per minute per child. This policy is effective in the event of weather or traffic delays that may not be within your control, but need to be accounted for.

Jefferson County Child Services and Jefferson County Police will be called for any child not picked up by 30 minutes past the close of business. Should you discover that you are unable to reach Jordan Alexander’s Preschool by 6:15, advance notification by means of telephone is appreciated. If your delay will be greater than five minutes, we suggest that you contact family or friends to arrange an alternative authorized adult pick up, as our staff has personal evening events and obligations to attend.

Communicable Diseases

Any communicable disease will be reported to the county health department in accordance with rules and regulations. If your child has been exposed, a notice will be posted to inform families.

Children with Access and Functional Needs

Each child and their needs will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Jordan Alexander’s Preschool Academy complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We also comply with all state, county, and local jurisdictions.

Prior to enrollment, a meeting with the child, child’s parents/guardians, and the Director will be held at Jordan Alexander’s. The Director will interview both the child and the parents to determine the needs of the child. Prior childcare history as well as all information regarding the child’s social, emotional, and physical abilities must be disclosed at that time. There will be a ten day consultation period during which the Director, management, and consultants of the facility will meet to determine the needs of the child and the center’s ability to meet those needs. At that time, a determination of enrollment will be made. Any information that is withheld that is determined to be vital with regard to this evaluation will result in immediate disenrollment if that determination is made.

If the child is enrolled, there will be a meeting in the Director’s office not less than once per week for the first five weeks. During that time, we will evaluate:

  • If Jordan Alexander’s can make reasonable modifications to policies and practices to integrate the child
  • If auxiliary staff/aids and services can be employed without undue burden
  • If the child poses a direct threat to staff or other children

If it is determined that Jordan Alexander’s cannot meet the physical, medical, supervisory, or emotional needs of the child, or by virtue of enrollment we cannot address the needs of the other children in that child’s group, we reserve the right to give notice of disenrollment. That disenrollment shall take place within 5 operating days.

Emergency Cards

Many of our policies revolve around the telephone numbers and persons listed on your child’s Emergency Card. Please make sure that your child’s cards are filled out accurately, updating contact information as it changes. We do require that a new Emergency Card be filled out on an annual basis for practical reasons.

Emergency & Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation routes as well as Emergency Procedures are reviewed and practiced regularly. Each classroom has an information sheet posted near each exit to guide actions and behavior during drills and in the event of emergencies.

During an emergency situation, every child will be kept at the center until picked up by the parent or an authorized adult. The center will keep appraised of the situation by radio, television, Internet, or other means from within the center. We will use discretion in determining the need to contact families to relay information/direction via the numbers provided on your child’s Emergency Card. Should the need to contact parents in the event of an emergency arise, your quick action and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Food & Meals

Children may not bring outside food or drink from home to school. This policy of prevention is to ensure that children with life threatening allergies are not exposed to a food/drink item that may be toxic to their health and wellbeing.

Notice of Withdrawal/Disenrollment

You must give written notice of your intent to withdraw your child(ren) from Jordan Alexander’s Preschool. Four weeks written notice is required for infants, whereas two weeks written notice is required for all other classrooms. If you withdraw, you may not re-enroll until six calendar weeks have passed. Re-enrolled children will be subject to registration fees. Neither of your two half-rate vacation week credits (one at your choosing, and the other granted during our winter/holiday break) may be used to accommodate a withdrawal, nor can a schedule reduction be used to accommodate a withdrawal.

Whether your child attends Jordan Alexander’s during that period or not, you will be liable for the tuition due.

Center Mandated Disenrollment

We reserve the right to disenroll any child or family for any reason. A child will be disenrolled without notice for expressing violence towards a teacher, administrator, or another child. A family will be disenrolled without notice for staff raiding (as well as attempts), chronic late child pick-up (more than three times in a six month period), or any other breach of company policy.

School Closures

Should Jordan Alexander’s Preschool close for any reason, (weather, building concern, etc.) please check our website www.jordanalexandersdaycare.com, 850KOA radio, and/or Channel 4 for closure information. We do not take closing the building lightly, but must assess whether the given situation allows staff to transport themselves with reasonable accommodation to and from the center, as well as allow us to provide quality care for your child(ren) ensuring we are following state rules and regulations.

In the event of an impending storm warning we may choose to close the school early. The early closure will be determined by the extent of the storm warning. In most cases, the closure will occur at 3:00 p.m. You, as parent and/or guardian, will be notified by telephone per the contact numbers listed on your child’s Emergency Card.

In the event of a delayed opening, Jordan Alexander’s Preschool will open at 9:00 a.m.


We believe that it is in the interest of your child’s safety that s/he not be transported off the school site unless it is a medical emergency. Every opportunity will be made to provide supplemental activities that can be enjoyed by your child(ren) for education and enjoyment.

Tuition Payment

  • Tuition payment is to be made in advance of care provided by JAPA and is therefore due on Monday of each week or the first day your child(ren) is/are scheduled to attend.
  • Tuition is considered late if paid after the close of business on Tuesday. This applies to each week, regardless of whether or not the building is closed (holiday, in-service, snow day, etc.).
  • Any financial communication will be left on the computer clock-in/out counter with your child’s last name printed on it. Please know that we will only issue an invoice to inform you that your account is not current and that late fees have been applied to your child’s account.
  • Late fees are $30.00 per week, increased from $15.00 per week, effective 6/4/2012.
  • Tuition payments can be made via check or cash. Online bill pay can also be utilized, but you must ensure that your payment will reach us in a timely fashion to avoid late fees.
  • If a family falls two weeks behind on payments to JAPA, we will not allow the child(ren) to attend until payment is brought current. Additionally, even if we restrict your child’s attendance, families are still liable for the child’s weekly tuition. We cannot provide care (and thus credit) for families with delinquent accounts.
  • Non-sufficient checks will be run through our bank only one time. If a check is returned as NSF, the family will be charged a $25.00 NSF fee as well as a $30.00 late fee if sufficient funds are not presented for payment by the close of business Tuesday for the week care is needed. Additionally, two NSF checks will result in our inability to accept checks from a family and require cash payment for tuition for the duration of the child’s tenure at Jordan Alexander’s.
  • The tuition drop box is located on the wall, just to the left of the check-in/out computer. It is a black box with an accompanying label: “Tuition Payments”.
  • We are happy to issue receipts or statements with each payment, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. We can and will sign any flex-spending paperwork you might need for benefit reimbursement (although we cannot take payment with a flex-spending debit card). Receipts can be picked up in the black recipe box labeled “Receipts” located on the front counter.
  • Year-end tax statements are available January first, after we return from winter break.


Children will not be permitted to play outdoors in inclement or severely hot weather. An interior multi-purpose room has been provided to accommodate your child’s gross motor needs during these times



Should you have advance knowledge of an absence from the center, we’d appreciate knowing. There is an Absence Notification sheet for you to fill out to let us know of any planned days or weeks your child will not be at Jordan Alexander’s Preschool. If your child will not be coming to the center due to an illness or last minute plans, please call us via telephone we will relay this information to your child’s classroom teacher. When dropping off your child in the morning, please make sure that your child’s teacher knows s/he has arrived for the day. We appreciate the same courtesy in the afternoon/evening as you pick your child up so we can ensure we are properly staffed and accountable for each child in our care.


Arrangements may be made with your child’s teacher to bring in a special treat for a birthday celebration. We celebrate birthdays during afternoon snack time at 2:30 p.m. and typically sing the Birthday Song to the birthday child. We do not allow entertainment, gifts, decorations, or guests to be brought into the school for birthday celebrations. Invitations to outside birthday celebrations may be brought to Jordan Alexander’s, but we require that these invitations not be distributed in your child’s classroom. Instead, they can be left in our black wire spiral note holders on the front counter for parents to pick up with the invited child’s first name, first letter of last name, and the classroom on the outside of the invitation. This prevents hurt feelings for those children who may not be invited to a celebration. If you do not wish for your child to participate in in-class birthday celebrations, please let your child’s teacher know and we will respect your wishes, subtly removing your child during celebrations.


Each child that attends Jordan Alexander’s Preschool needs at least one complete change of clothing in his/her cubby that is appropriate for the current season. A complete set includes the following: shirt, pants, underwear, and socks. Infants and toddlers, as well as children whom are engaged in potty training, should have more than one change of clothing available to change into. If your child is actively potty training, we have found that the original rubber Crocs are quite easy to wash and rinse, preventing the need to bring an extra pair of shoes to change into. During winter months all children should have hats, coats, gloves (waterproof preferred), and appropriate footwear (snow boots). Because we strive to take the children outside each day, snow pants or a snowsuit gives us greater access to outdoor play, and is appreciated in each classroom throughout the building–especially the toddlers because they tend to sit in the snow immediately.

A jacket should be provided during spring and fall months as Colorado weather is unpredictable, and during the spring, summer, and fall months, please bring a hat to protect from the sun’s UV rays.

Children must wear closed-toe shoes to prevent injury to their feet. Please take care in choosing your child’s footwear to ensure that shoes are comfortable for the various activities Jordan Alexander’s Preschool students will engage in on a daily basis.

Communication (Forms & Requests)

It is important that you have information about your child’s day. Jordan Alexander’s Preschool teachers post classroom curriculum on bulletin boards outside the classroom’s door along with a copy of the classroom schedule. Our teachers make every effort to adhere to the information presented to you, but please understand that there are times when changes are warranted.

Our infant and toddler teachers provide you with a daily sheet, which gives you a written record of your child’s daily activities. In our preschool classrooms we hope that communication occurs relating to your child’s day on the drive home. Please check the classroom bulletin board, the dry erase board, and your child’s art file/cubby daily to form questions that will elicit responses from your child. We welcome you to chat with your child’s teacher, but must request that parent-teacher conversations be kept to a minimum so that our teachers can continue their teaching and supervision duties. Additionally, please refrain from asking questions that ask teachers to name other children. Because we respect each family’s right to privacy, we are not able to relay those details.

We encourage phone calls during the day and also questions, comments, and conversation as you drop off and pick up. Any paperwork or notes you may need to leave can be placed in the blue basket on the director’s desk. We do have new forms designed to assist us in maintaining communication about educational, financial, safety, and attendance are located in black paper stackers on the desk near the copy machine.

  • The Child Release Form should be filled out when you have someone unfamiliar coming to pick up your child. We place these in your child’s file as a method of recordkeeping.
  • The Kudos from My Kid form allows you to acknowledge something great about your child’s teacher.
  • The Absence Notification form informs us that your child will not be at school for a planned event, such as a vacation or an extended weekend. It also allows us to relay financial information to you about your child’s absence in advance. Please refer to your Financial Agreement in the Enrollment Packet and the Tuition Payment section in the Parent Handbook for detailed information about our tuition terms.
  • The Amended Schedule Request puts your request for a permanent or temporary schedule change, a day substitution for part time families, or drop-in day in writing and allows us to relay any financial information about this change to you.


At Jordan Alexander’s Preschool we believe it is a teacher’s role to guide children. Guidance comes in many forms, and depending on your child’s classroom, differing discipline strategies will be employed. Additionally each classroom possesses its own culture and rules/guidelines differ from classroom to classroom.

We advocate that when communicating with a child about an action and it’s consequence that teachers speak to children at their level, bending down and making eye contact. Verbal warnings, redirection, and then removal are strategies used throughout the center. Removal may result in a short time out period and illustrates that a child needs to manage his/her behavior, making positive choices to be able to participate in classroom activities. After a removal, the child will be reminded and asked to give his/her input as to the direction of his/her behavior from that point forward.

Physical and/or corporal punishment is never permitted.


We will take every precaution for the safety of your child. Should an accident occur and medical treatment is necessary, you should contact your healthcare insurance carrier with related questions.


Jordan Alexander’s Preschool prepares and serves breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack to children throughout the center on a daily basis. Food modification may be necessary to accommodate eating abilities for infants and toddlers, as well as children with food allergies. If your child does have a food allergy it is imperative that we not only know about the allergy, but have current medical information provided by your child’s physician on file.


We are required by the State of Colorado to provide a two-hour rest period for all children who are enrolled in full day care at Jordan Alexander’s Preschool. Children generally take advantage of this post-lunch nap/rest period due to the activities we engage them in throughout the morning. Should your child choose not to nap, s/he will be encouraged to rest quietly on his/her mat, which we provide. We also provide a sheet and a blanket, which we launder weekly. Your child is welcome to bring a blanket from home and/or a small soft, naptime appropriate item, such as a stuffed animal, to rest with. These items may be transported to and from school on a daily basis or taken home weekly for laundering.

Parent Conferences

Currently the pre-kindergarten (T-Rex) and kindergarten classrooms are the only classrooms that hold scheduled parent-teacher conferences. The T-Rex classroom’s conferences occur mid-way through the year and results from assessment are presented to give insight towards your child’s learning proclivities as you finalize kindergarten enrollment decisions. You will receive copies of this assessment.

The kindergarten classroom holds conferences twice a year, during late fall and early spring, and also present results from assessment designed to give insight about your child’s learning tendencies. You will receive copies of this assessment.

At your request, we are happy to schedule conferences with Jordan Alexander’s Preschool’s administrative staff or your child’s teacher. We appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your child, your family, and are always eager to share information about your child’s growth and development in our center.

Television Viewing

We believe that television has a place in today’s world and allow our teachers to check out the TV/VCR/DVD to add enrichment to the classroom. Please understand that we allow for television viewing in moderation to limit the amount of screen time your child is exposed to and will never allow the television to take the place of a caring, engaged, adult.

Toilet Training

Teachers at Jordan Alexander’s Preschool will not attempt to toilet train any child before the age of 18 months. We recommend taking your child’s physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development into consideration when making the decision to begin toilet training, allowing your child to toilet train at his/her own pace. We do have a specific toilet training classroom in which the children are introduced to the toilet, and can pursue the act of elimination, as they feel comfortable. When your child is ready to begin potty training (or if you have questions about your child’s potty training readiness), please talk to your child’s teacher to ensure consistency between home and school.


Please do not bring toys from home to school unless your child’s classroom has made a special request. If an item from school has accidentally been brought home, please return it to the school.


If you wish to share your time and talents with the children that attend Jordan Alexander’s Preschool, we encourage you to talk to a member of the administrative staff and/or your child’s teacher. Each classroom has specific needs that can be addressed and met through parent support.

These policies may be changed without prior written notification. An addendum to your handbook will be presented to you within seven working days of the implementation of a new policy.
Revised 8/20/2012

A Few Highlights


Jordan Alexander’s features 12 colorful classrooms with large windows allow natural light and expose children to the ever-changing skies and seasons of nature


Every classroom at Jordan Alexanders is fully-stocked with its own age-appropriate supplies, toys, books and games for our children to enjoy.

On-Site Kitchen

Jordan Alexanders features a dedicated kitchen and a chef to prepare breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack every day.

Daycare Features

At Jordan Alexander’s we are committed to our kids and their families, and we change the world, one child at a time! We’re not a chain. We are not run by a corporation. Parents in our community have been entrusting us with the care of their children for nearly two decades.

Healthy Meals

We believe healthy food is essential for growth, health and learning. We have a dedicated kitchen and a chef to prepare breakfast, Lunch

6 Weeks & Older

We care for children from six weeks and older. Our programs include infant care, toddler classes, potty training, preschool, Pre-K

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Drop-ins welcome. We invite prospective parents to visit us unannounced; to see us in action anytime between 8AM and

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Jordan Alexander’s is a privately owned and operated day care and preschool caring for children in the Littleton & Ken Caryl area since 1995. We are not

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