Melinda Martinez | M.A. Ed Teacher Education

Center Director

HI! I first became part of the Jordan Alexander family in April 2005 as a parent when I chose this school to care for my 18-month old son. As a mom and a former preschool teacher, I had high standards of care for Christian, the most important person in my life. In 2007, I left a lucrative career in finance after the birth of my daughter, Ava. Shortly after, I made the decision to enroll in graduate school to pursue my passion for teaching. Jordan Alexander’s provided the perfect environment in which I was able to discover and decipher the philosophies that are true to my heart as they relate to early childhood education. For the past six years, I have been working with teachers at Jordan Alexander’s to fully embody and implement these philosophies.

Today, I believe that, as center director, my role is to support our families, their children, and our teachers each and every day. Throughout the day, I visit each classroom to greet our children, listen to their achievements, share in their delights and discoveries, and empathize with any feelings of consternation that may arise. I encourage self-determination and experiential learning and give my personal touch each day. I also work with our parents to hear their concerns, taking the familiar perspective of a parent into consideration, as I make curricular and structural recommendations, based on my knowledge of child development and experience in the classroom. To be honest, I miss being in the classroom, interacting with children throughout the course of each day; but my role is not that of a teacher, but administrator. I am proud of our most remarkable teachers, and I am wonderstruck each day at the amount of support that is required of me, which is actually minimal. That’s because Jordan Alexander’s teachers know their students as if they were their own. They use that familiarity to manage their classrooms according to each child’s specific needs.

Whole Child Approach

Our overall goal for the school is for each child and family to be amazed on a daily basis at the smallest of intricacies. Learning occurs in many different forms and it varies depending on the composition of the classroom. We provide our teachers the flexibility to decide what direction learning should take depending on the needs and interests of the children in their classroom. Jordan Alexander’s classroom and curriculum model is successful because teachers are empowered: they plan, prepare, and participate based on a domain-based model that incorporates a plethora of imaginative play that integrates developmentally appropriate cognitive skills while simultaneously enhancing the development of social-emotional skills. It’s a whole child approach. Our working parents depend on our Whole Child Model to meet the varying and individual needs of each individual child, feeling confident in our teachers’ enthusiasm, education, and expertise. We encourage our parents to drop-in anytime and talk to us about how we can partner in parenting your child.